Hands-on Leadership Training

Public Safety Supervision is sometimes thrust upon a worker with no thought to progressive training. PSTC responded to this common agency concern and developed this Supervision and Leadership Workshop. This class is so comprehensive, the New York Fire Department chose PSTC and this class for every Supervising and Chief Dispatcher to attend for their 2015 in-service workshop. It was a HUGE success!

Topics include:

  • The transition from line level dispatcher to Supervisor
  • Leadership skills
  • Liability issues of the Supervisors
  • The work ethic of a Supervisor
  • Managing strong personalities
  • Setting expectations and core goals for the agency
  • Motivating, Counseling and Monitoring staff members
  • Evaluations for success
  • Problem Resolution and Managing difficult personalities
  • Hot Topics of the day!
  • Choosing your leadership or management style
  • Building your team to work with its strengths
  • Fixing problems rather than complaining about them
  • How to successfully write dispatch specific Policy and Procedure Manuals!
  • The Top 10 things you can use to make build the best skills
  • Building respect within your division and your agency
  • Supervisory networking
  • Professional organizations
  • The Human Side of 9-1-1 Supervision.
  • Training, Recruiting, and Retention of your staff

This class is a great combination of lecture, class discussion, and class interaction.

One of the great things about our Supervision Workshops is that we ask students to bring their work "issues" and challenges to the class for learning examples. We allow training time to work on agency-specific issues. We don't allow our classes to become "complaining sessions". Our seminars are all with a "you can do it" attitude. We'd rather fix the problem than complain about it!


Class Length: 16 or 24 Hours (2 or 3 Days), depending on your needs

Target Audience: This is a great class for existing Supervisors as well as those who may soon become Supervisors.

  • This class will also be a great benefit to Leads and Team Leaders as it is a fantastic job specific class for communication center staff.

Certification(s): We can submit for any state certification.

  • Call for details regarding other certifications.

To host this course or if you have questions, e-mail
or call (650) 591-7911.


"Down to earth, knowledgeable instructor. Nice to have someone who has been in the business. Good use of humor. Definitely not a boring class."

- M L, San Jose PD

"This class will help energize you. The class was well worth my time and the Instructor was responsive, passionate and kept us engaged. Great class!"

- Todd, Fort Atkinson Police Communications

"Very productive; interactive; highly recommended; very constructive. Kevin re-energized me. Thanks!"

- Terry, San Jose PD

"Good and informative. I learned a lot of things that will help me to be a better supervisor." 

- Celeste, Spartanburg County