Taking Customer Service to the Next Level.

PSTC is well known for their "Customer Service the 9-1-1 Way" class. This special "Spirit to Serve" course takes service to the next step. We borrow the term "Spirit to Serve" from the Marriott Hotel Corporation. We also love the concept of Disney's “On Stage – Off Stage" mindset. What do these organizations have in common?

Service and staff empowerment are key to their success. How do those of us in the 9-1-1 and emergency communications profession encourage people to have a spirit to serve? For protocol driven agencies using products like Priority Dispatch (IAED) and other systems, how do you stay protocol compliant and still offer sincere and vital customer service? We will show ways of taking the "robotic voice" out of any call taker and blend pre-arrival compliance with spectacular service delivery! Have you ever attended a class that is filled with negative examples? We are very proud to say that this class is evenly balanced with mistakes as examples blended with many positive examples and demonstrations of great service.

Students will walk away with positive examples of a spirit to serve. Let the PSTC team demonstrate ideas of employee-driven service while maintaining information gathering, professionalism, policy compliance, complacency avoidance, risk management and instilling true service while they listen to the caller rather than just hear the caller.

This class is tailor-made for anyone from line-level to management. Everyone will walk away with tools you can use and ideas to improve quality assurance scores if you have a Q program. With or without Q, students will improve customer satisfaction with both internal and external customers. This class addresses a personal "mindset" or an individual commitment to quality service. We don't want 9-1-1 and emergency communicators to provide service because they are told to provide it. We would rather they want to deliver the wow to calls for service.

After all, we are far from "just a dispatcher". An additional segment of the class is a thought process of a "let's move forward" mantra rather than bad habits that perpetuate bad service. Do any of these sound familiar: slamming the phone and loudly sharing how "dumb" a caller is, picking up a phone and being sarcastic because the caller is a "frequent flyer", not following policy since "we've gotten a dozen calls on that" or dismissing a caller just because "they have no idea where they are"? We will show students effective ways of managing their issues of call complacency or repetitive call dismissal.


Class Length: 8 hours

Target Audience: Any public safety dispatch professional.

Certification(s): Michigan

  • Call for details regarding other certifications.

To host this course or if you have questions, e-mail Kevin@pstc911.com
or call (650) 591-7911.