Discuss and develop a wide range of policies that you need!

This fantastic policy workshop is the only communications and 9-1-1 specific policy & procedure workshop offered by any training provider. We are very proud to offer this 40-hour version of our popular Policy Workshop. This class can travel anywhere in the nation. Be aware, this is a true working workshop! A minimum of 2 PSTC Instructors will help you develop your new policy manual or improve your existing Policy and Procedure Manual!

Students will leave the class with dozens of policy examples, procedures, and evaluation documents. Most importantly, you will develop a working policy and procedure document template and manual that will be specific to your agency! Students will walk away with a clear understanding of how to write, review and implement policies. There are a variety of reasons or excuses that your agency has for not having a Communications Specific Policy Manual: You're too busy to sit down and write it; You don't have experience writing a document that may someday be used in court or in a termination of an employee; You don't have an example to go by; You don't have a mentor or guide to help you; Your dog ate the one you've been working on; or, You really want some help and ideas. PSTC to the rescue!

We know what you need and we're thrilled to be the first dispatch training provider to offer a class to help you!

Topics include:

  • The Importance of Building Policy and Procedure
  • Wording your Policy
  • Are You Avoiding or Attracting Liability?
  • The Nexus between your Policy & Procedure with your Training Manual
  • Practical Experience
  • CALEA, IAED and other certification processes and the policy connection
  • Developing, writing, implementing, training and evaluating policy
  • Connecting the dots of hiring, training, employee evaluation, and the policy manual
  • Policy versus Procedure
  • Building Agency Policy into a Communications Specific Policy Document
  •  Avoiding liability and understanding the concepts of "risk management"
  • Practical Exercise – Comparison of two policies, which would you choose and why?

The class will discuss and develop a wide range of policies that you need. 9-1-1 Hang-ups, wireless emergencies, citizens following an emergency, missing children, media releases, conduct, attire, tardiness, computer access, training, chain of command, customer service, call priority, supervisory notification and many more. The magic of this class is that you can choose what policies are important to you and we'll show you the benefits and pitfalls of all of your policies.

Then, we show you the procedure side of the house and in no time, you'll have a map for success! We will help you develop a way to create accountability for your new Policy and Procedure Manual. Need a new policy NOW? We will show you how to effectively build it, train it and track it., and share other additional resources.

Additional Information: Students will be welcome to stay after class if they wish individual assistance from PSTC staff. Students will be asked to bring a laptop if possible. Documents we will provide are in Microsoft Word. The class will be configured for networking and interaction. All student seats will have power for your laptops. This is a true workshop. We ask that you bring copies of your current policy manual, your training manual and your employee evaluation forms with you. These items are not necessary but help build a cornerstone for your new document. Bring paper copies or computer files.

What will you get for your investment?

  • Lecture by some of the nation's leaders in Policy and Procedure development.
  • Numerous model programs from around the nation for your review.
  • Networking with fellow professionals and PSTC staff members.
  • 24 hours of lecture, workshop, development time and brainstorming.
  • New knowledge to help you build a Policy & Procedure Manual.
  • An agency-specific beginning document that will be the road map to your new P&P.
  • Hundreds of Resources, Referrals, Model Policies
  • and much, much more.
  • A rewarding 3 days of work that will positively affect your agency for years.


Class Length: 24 Hours (3 Days)

Target Audience: Trainers, supervisors managers and/or directors.

  • Class size is limited to 28 students.

To host this course or if you have questions, e-mail Kevin@pstc911.com 
or call (650) 591-7911.


"Prepare yourself, this is a very participatory, information-packed class. You definitely get your money's worth."

- Kimberly, Weber Area 911 District

"This class is the best class I've been to in my 10 years in law enforcement! I'm absolutely overwhelmed by all the information I'm leaving with. Do I hear the train whistle blowing? Yep but now I feel like I have the track shoes to outrun it. I'm going back to my center with an 'It's a new ball game baby' mentality. Thanks!"

- Jennifer, Rocklin PD 

"There is so much information to think about in addition to just "writing" a manual. It's a scary task but breaking it down makes it possible. This was a great mix of information. The knowledge shared with all of us was fantastic and greatly appreciated." 

- Angie, Sarpy County 

"Absolutely the best workshop/training I've ever attended. The interaction with each other and working together to write our "practice" policies was the best aspect." 

- Lisa, Santa Barbara County