Be Ready To Respond to Anything, Anywhere!

This class is perfect for agencies that wish to elevate the expertise of their dispatchers so that they can react during any major or special event. This concept was even covered in 9-1-1 Magazine as a great example of progressive and useful training!

When law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services or emergency management is confronted with a critical incident, communications professionals can become truly lifesavers. Whether the call involves a barricaded subject, wildland fire, missing child, mass casualty event, terrorist attack, suicidal subject, planned sporting event, hostage situation or other emergencies; Incident Commanders need to have the right information at the right time, taken from the right people.

We at PSTC believe that dispatchers can be effective from both the dispatch center, a communications vehicle, or alongside the Incident Commander. We also know that having these specialized dispatchers able to handle any event is the key. These Mission Critical Communicators will prepare for anything from a community evacuation, school violence event, civil unrest, hostage event, fire service call or terrorist event.

We'll prepare your staff for an effective response! They will learn to use and maintain logs, incident plans, and other documents to protect the agency against future liability, and to ensure proper operational tactics, as well as Radio Communication.

PSTC has brought many of the most valuable lessons learned from the fire ground and incorporated them into the world of any discipline including police, fire, and EMS. This fast-paced class will enable dispatchers to understand the mission of the Incident Command Post, the role of the dispatcher on the incident scene, and some of the unique communications issues that a Tactical Dispatcher may face when working with SWAT or other high-visibility teams. This is a fantastic hands-on workshop that will re-energize your staff. Taught by an Instructor with experience as a Tactical Dispatcher, Incident Dispatcher, and a certified Hostage Negotiator, this class will allow dispatchers to work in the Command Post with an Incident Commander, in a safe and protected environment or to handle an event from the communications center. Students will also receive "Action Protocols" for a wide variety of events. This alone is worth the class tuition!


Class Length: 8, 16, or 24 Hours (1-3 Days)

Target Audience: Any public safety employee at any level with an interest in the topic.

  • Highly recommended for preparing supervisors, leads and trainers.

Call for details regarding other certifications.

  • 8 Hour Option: California POST
  • 16 & 24 Hour Options: IAED Approved for CEU’s.

To host this course or if you have questions, e-mail Kevin@pstc911.com
or call (650) 591-7911.


"I enjoyed this class very much and picked up quite a few tips and ideas for our team"

- Susan, Shawnee Police Department

"This class will help energize you. The class was well worth my time and the Instructor was responsive, passionate and kept us engaged. Great class!"

- Todd, Fort Atkinson Police Communications

"This class was very informative and insightful. Jay kept it interesting and he understands."

- Anonymous