Navigating the Challenging Waters of Communications Center Leadership

This fantastic new PSTC class focuses on leadership issues for all levels of emergency communications centers. The class was first presented at the NAVIGATOR International Conference where it sold out and the course received overwhelmingly outstanding reviews.

The class helps students learn the key traits of a successful leader and ways to ensure that you can achieve a level of leadership that co-workers will appreciate and respect. The perfect student for this course is a current lead, supervisor, manager, director, trainer, training manager or line level staff member that strives to be a future leader.

Existing "leaders" are strongly encouraged to attend so they can evaluate their best traits and set a goal to be more effective. Sadly, many agencies promote or hire Supervisors but never guide or train them to be true leaders. That sets the scene for the replication of bad habits, no supervisory skill sets and a loss of respect from the "troops".

Topics included in this class are:

  • Building a foundation of trust
  • Mission and Purpose – affirming the mission
  • Demonstrating a commitment to excellence
  • Recruiting, training and keeping the best people
  • Motivating staff and remediating poor performance
  • Lead by Example – what does that really mean?
  • Building Alliances – Building Bridges – Building Respect
  • Effective communications styles (both written and verbal)
  • Empowering individuals and teams
  • How to lead by example and gain faithful followers
  • Knowing and adapting to your team
  • Understanding the Generational Divide– Gen X & Y success!
  • Measuring success and learning from failure
  • Mentorship in the workplace
  • Having and communicating key values
  • This class gets your team in the mindset of leadership with tools that can be used immediately.


Class Length: 8 hours

Target Audience: Any public safety professional in, or soon to be in, a leadership position.

Certification(s): California POST, Michigan, Massachusetts and IAED Approved for CEU’s.

  • Call for details regarding other certifications.

To host this course or if you have questions, e-mail Kevin@pstc911.com
or call (650) 591-7911.