Dispatcher Training for Crimes In-Progress

Is your Communications Center prepared to recognize and respond to any "In-Progress" event? What type of specialized training has your staff received regarding events that like workplace violence, home invasion robberies, drive-by shootings, domestic violence events or robberies? This class will prepare your 9-1-1 professionals for these events.

This one day course is action packed with call types that include: Workplace and Domestic Violence, Spillover Domestic Violence, Introduction to School Violence, Active Assailant, Vehicle Pursuits, Home Invasion, Business Robberies, and many more.

Topics Included:

  • Recognizing the profile of a potentially aggressive workplace violence suspect.
  • The Dispatchers tactical role and response to an "active shooter event".
  • Proper handling of missing or abducted child calls.
  • Great reminders of citizen and responder safety during domestic and family violence events.
  • Pre-planning strategies for handling in-progress events.
  • Questions you can ask to assist in the prosecution of suspects.

There is also a strong emphasis on safety issues during high-risk events including pursuits and much, much more. We will help prepare your staff to strengthen their skills in handling events that they feel they are unprepared for. This class gets immediate results and prepares your call taking and dispatch professionals for in-progress events. We will also cover lessons learned from around the nation to help you react effectively during in-progress events.


Class Length: 8 hours

Target Audience: Any public safety dispatch professional.

Certification(s): California POST, Michigan, and Massachusetts approved.

IAED Approved for CEU’s.

  • Call for details regarding other certifications.

To host this course or if you have questions, e-mail
or call (650) 591-7911.


"Super resources- WOW! Absolutely fantastic! Instructors were top notch. I have learned so very much and I feel my weaknesses have gotten a splendid education and have made me stronger and wiser!"

- Keri, Cook County Sheriff's Department

"The information provided on Child Abduction and Missing Children should be mandatory for all dispatchers... The greatest aspect of the class was having it taught by someone that has actually done the job, and knows of all the stresses that communications personnel face on a daily basis."

- Dorothy, Broward County

"The Instructor was informative, educated and very compassionate! It is very obvious that he truly believes in us. I appreciated that he knew where we come from and made me feel like an important part to my police department. Every line dispatcher and supervisor should take this class."

- Jenifer, Eureka PD

"I'm a tenured dispatcher - Classes like this one really makes you think and has a lasting effect on how you do your job."

- Paula, Riverside SO