Being Proactive in Preventing Terrorism

Have you trained your dispatch staff to handle the ever-changing demands relating to Homeland Security? From terrorism to biological threats, the calls in a disaster will come to your 9-1-1 center. Unfortunately, most 9-1-1 centers have been forced to be reactive rather than proactive in this new arena of concern. Here is your chance to prepare and anticipate the needs for your region. PSTC has spent a great deal of time consulting with the Office of Homeland Security, FBI, Secret Service, FAA, National Fire Academy, and others to develop this class. PSTC is very proud to be the most innovative dispatch training provider in the nation. We have taken a national concern and focused on our core customer, the dispatch community. As with our popular school violence class, we take an approach of Prevention, Planning, and Response. To that, we have added an assessment of your community.

Topics for this class include:

  • What to ask about a suspicious subject and vehicle calls from citizens
  • What targets are of the most concern in your community
  • Who to make federal referrals to when a tip is made out of your area
  • The different approach of domestic terrorism versus international terrorists
  • Infrastructure issues, targets, and hazards
  • Types of terrorist weapons
  • First responder and victim concerns
  • Methods of attack
  • How to build homeland security policies and procedures for your dispatch center
  • Resources and references that every 9-1-1 center should have
  • Lessons learned from September 11th and other terrorist attacks
  • Dispatch specific issues to keep your center safe during an event
  • Preventative lessons learned during the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics

This class will provide Call Takers, Dispatchers, Trainers and Supervisors with the vital education and resources necessary to be better prepared for the 9-1-1 role in anti-terrorism and Homeland Security.


Class Length: 8 hours

Target Audience: Any public safety dispatch professional.

Certification(s): IAED Approved for CEU’s.

  • Call for details regarding other certifications.

To host this course or if you have questions, e-mail Kevin@pstc911.com
or call (650) 591-7911.


"I would tell a friend that this class would capture their attention from the very beginning to the end of the class. Richard presented the information that made it pleasurable to learn."

- Geraldine, Chowchilla , CA P.D.

"I very much enjoyed the class and would like to continue learning more about this subject after seeing the passion that was expressed through this class."

- Tina Hays, Tulare , CA P.D.

"I could have spent two days enjoying all of the information."

- Ken, Bexar County