An Essential Class for Improving Community & Responder Safety

Call Takers and Dispatchers hold an essential role in community and responder safety during Domestic and Family violence calls. A law enforcement dispatcher plays a vital and key role in the apprehension and prosecution of a domestic violence suspect. They are the essential link between a victim and public safety response. The 9-1-1 professional must be prepared for domestic and family violence calls, to prioritize them correctly and to coordinate a safe response. This class gives your team the skills that they need.

​A woman is physically abused by her husband every 9 seconds in the United States. A call taker and dispatcher must know the variety of ways that calls of family and domestic violence may be referred to a dispatch center. 35% of emergency-room visits by women are for symptoms that may be the result of spousal abuse; as few as 5% of these victims are ever so categorized. It takes a huge amount of courage for a victim to call 9-1-1, therefore we must be prepared to gather the right information and facilitate the appropriate response! This course covers a wide variety of DV call types.

Topics include:

  • Information gathering during the initial call for service
  • Asking questions that assist in the prosecution of the suspect
  • What to expect from a traumatized caller
  • How to combine compassion and empathy to get the best information.
  • The Dispatchers role in responder safety during critical calls
  • How to defuse the suspect while responders are in route to a call
  • Using the PSTC Crisis Communications Toolbox
  • Role Plays and Scenarios of reality-based family emergency calls
  • Lessons Learned and case studies to enforce the dispatcher's role

Learn how to calm abusive and assaultive subjects and gain necessary intelligence on the telephone that can help responding officers and keep the situation safe? We will share the valuable questions that can be asked on the telephone that can lead to better arrests and to more successful prosecutions?

PSTC is the only 9-1-1 training provider that shares the all-new "Blueprint For Safety" and provides you with call guides and approved call taking questions that have been approved by DV advocates, prosecutors, and judges.


Class Length: 8 hours

Target Audience: Any public safety 9-1-1 professional.

  • This class will be tailored to meet your specific agency needs or any emergency services group. We have vast experience with police, fire, EMS, military, and private/public safety groups.

Certification(s): California POST Approved. Michigan, Texas, and Massachusetts certified.

IAED Approved for CEU’s.

  • Call for details regarding other certifications.

To host this course or if you have questions, e-mail
or call (650) 591-7911.


"The instructor was very knowledgeable and was very entertaining. I loved his "down to earth" training. I felt a clear connection between the instructor and dispatchers."

- Josephine, Kirby PD

"It makes you think about calls you have taken in the past and how you can improve the way you handle the domestic violence calls."

- Pamela, Inglewood PD

"Great class. Covers all types of domestic violence and the signs to look for, questions to ask, and info that could be helpful in court or during the investigation"

- Diane, Inglewood PD

"There were calls that I was at a loss with due to (my) lack of experience. This class gave me great experience."

- Stephanie, Morgan Hill PD