A 3 Day Masterclass of Your Mandated
In-Service Training!

PSTC is very excited to add an all-new 3-day "continued professional training" workshop to our list of available classes. POST has approved this class for POST Plan II!  Don't miss this chance to get your mandated in-service training! All new class, all new curriculum!

This fast-paced class will be taught by a team of PSTC Instructors and covers a variety of topics that are essential to today's California 9-1-1 Professionals.

This course will cover:

  • Workplace Attitude Autopsy: What is killing your performance and attitude?
  • Improved "customer safety" through improved questioning, voice tone, and "decoding the caller's message".
  • Domestic Violence, the "Blueprint for Safety" and Teen Dating Violence
  • Courtroom Testimony: How to Prepare, What to Expect
  • Suicide Trends: tools for communicating in a crisis.
    • We will include military suicide, public safety suicides, and trending methods.
  • Drug Awareness: Know what Molly, Spice, Bath Salts, Alcohol Vapors are and be familiar with the dangers.
    • We also discuss club drugs and date rape drugs.
  • Below 100 for Dispatchers and Call Takers: How can we assist in lowering responder deaths?
  • Emotional Survival: Coping with the stress of call taking.
  • Mass Casualty Events & Terrorism Awareness: Lone Wolves, ISIS sympathizers, and Domestic and International Terrorists.
    • What is the role of the 9-1-1 professional? What is your plan? Is your 9-1-1 team prepared?
  • Gangs: What do you need to know about today's gangs?
  • Technology Time! Learn what's new and how to use it.
  • Missing and Abducted Children: Learn the 9-1-1 standards for call takers and dispatchers plus the many ways that the NCMEC can help you.
  • Appreciating the Generations: It's time to celebrate and learn from our differences and adopt a more educated and tolerant workforce.
  • Embracing Ethics: Decision Making and the process of staying the ethical path.


Class Length: 24 hours, over 3 days

Target Audience: Any public safety dispatch professional.

Certification(s): California POST Approved.

  • Call for details regarding other certifications.

To host this course or if you have questions, e-mail Kevin@pstc911.com
or call (650) 591-7911.