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Active Shooter

Are you ready to respond? Learn the IEAD protocols.

Being the Best!

Get your dispatchers inspired, motivated, and energized!

Building Your 9-1-1 Liability Shield

A skill builder to navigate legal waters.

Complacency, Cannibalism, and Critical Thinking; How to Avoid a Toxic Workplace

Tools to keep drama from impairing response.

Crisis Communications & Suicide Intervention for 9-1-1 Professionals

Taking suicide, crisis, and mental illness calls using the PSTC Crisis Communications Toolbox.

Customer Service the 9-1-1 Way!

It All Starts With a Phone Call... Participants will gain essential and critical tools used to provide ultimate quality service.

*NEW* Defeating Dispatch Drama for Peak Performance

Creating a workplace that encourages excellence.

Domestic & Family Violence for Dispatch Professionals

Learn the best practices for effective responses to domestic violence calls.

Fire Communications

Staying cool while dispatching for fire services. A skill building class to prepare you for Fire Service calls.

High Risk!

Prepare for high risk events by learning critical skills for call takers, dispatchers, and trainers.

Homeland Security for 9-1-1 Professionals

From terrorism to biological threats, the calls in a disaster will come to your 9-1-1 center. Are you prepared?


We will help strengthen your staff’s skills in handling events that they feel they are unprepared for, from home invasions, robberies, and much, much more.

It's Your Ship: Navigating Communications Center Leadership

Learn how to tackle leadership issues for all levels of emergency communications centers.

Mission Critical Communications

You name it; we'll prepare your staff for an effective response in critical moments!

People First Leadership

This is PSTC’s take on Leadership, Inspiration, and Motivation, and how to apply it within your emergency communications center.

Progressive Supervision Workshop

Supervision is sometimes thrust upon a worker with no thought to progressive training, so we developed this workshop to be a step to building effective supervisors and leaders.

Providing Exceptional Service: "What if it Were Family?"

Making sure every caller receives the same level of service you would provide to your own family.

Responder Risk and the 9-1-1 Professional

Using tools and resources to keep responders safe in the field.

School Violence: Lessons Learned

We hope there won't be a “next time” but know you need to be prepared; train your staff to prevent and prepare for school violence events.

Spirit to Serve

Service and staff empowerment are key to their success. How do we encourage the people around us to have the “Spirit to Serve”?

Trains, Planes & Automobiles

From the initial 9-1-1 call to the response and recovery, this class covers call taking, dispatching, and responding to a wide variety of transportation-related emergencies.

Under the Headset: Surviving Dispatcher Stress

Learn the dynamics of the stress responses 9-1-1 professionals encounter, and how to healthily cope with them.

You Just NEVER Know

You just never know what is waiting at the other end of that next incoming phone call or radio transmission— make sure you’re ready.


Critical Incident Stress Management

A dive into post-trauma stress management training for Communications Peer Counseling Teams, CISM Teams, Trainers, Supervisors and Managers.

Dispatch Update

This fast-paced class will be taught by a team of PSTC Instructors and covers a variety of topics that are essential to today’s 9-1-1 Professionals.

Incident Dispatch Training

The Ultimate in Standardized Response Training! IDT training will enhance dispatching skills through understanding of equipment and fire characteristics.

CTO Training Workshop

Set your agency up for success with quality trainers! 

CTO Update Workshop

A great refresher for your existing dispatch trainers!

Mission Critical (Multi-Day Workshops)

You name it; we'll prepare your staff for an effective response in critical moments!

Modular Fire Communications Training

Pick from the PSTC Menu and we'll teach the fire response topics that your agency wants!

Policy & Procedure

PSTC Exclusive. Students will develop a working policy and procedure document template and manual that will be specific to your agency!

Supervision & Leadership Workshop

A hands-on approach to tackling leadership problems.