Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward

Pay it forward is the concept of empowering others to make a positive change. Our headquarters and instructional staff pay it forward by inspiring and empowering our students and clients through our services and course delivery.


Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward

We deliver exemplary service with respect and courtesy. From your initial contact with our office team and  interactions with our instructional family, we promise to go the extra mile. We are proud of our loyal clients and customers who will attest to our legendary level of service.

To "Do The Right Thing"

To "Do The Right Thing"

To "Do The Right Thing"

Our training is constantly updated to meet the needs of our customers. We strive for spectacular results and help our students place "memory markers" that will shape their professional performance day-to-day and under extreme pressures. Our promise to do the right thing reaches beyond the classroom and is demonstrated whenever you see our staff at professional conferences, events and whenever we represent the PSTC-911CARES family of companies.


To "Do The Right Thing"

To "Do The Right Thing"

Our Mission and Values don't happen without an undying commitment by everyone within the PSTC family of companies. Our relentless pursuit of quality courses, support of the industry and gaining your trust is our highest duty.


Our History

How We Started  

PSTC was started by a group of dedicated public safety instructors that saw a  need for quality, affordable training. Collectively, we have all been lulled to sleep by 'talking head' instructors or had to stand in line behind ants and roaches to use bathrooms at some host hotels. We decided to observe what was wrong about public safety training and never do it that way again. We also made note of the best public safety training and vowed to do it twice as well. We are dedicated to providing skills that you can use immediately. We have a passion for instruction and a  dedication to the emergency communications field that is unmatched.

How We Choose our PSTC Classes and Workshops  

We look for training that no other provider is delivering. If someone is offering similar training, we probably did it first and we still do it the best! Since every PSTC Instructor and most of the PSTC staff is comprised of 9-1-1 Dispatchers, Trainers, Supervisors, and Managers, we conducted an internal and external “training needs assessment”. We make a note every time a student mentions a class that they wish someone would do. We then research the need, find a subject matter expert, build the curriculum, make it exciting and take it on the road. We also have a dedication to experiential learning. That's a scrabble word for hands-on. We have purchased phone systems, recorders, TDD's, radios and a  wide variety of other hands-on equipment to enhance your learning. We are dedicated to the “WOW” factor in our training!  

PSTC Quality Instructors  

In addition to being subject matter experts, we mandate that all of our staff be quality instructors too. It's a great rarity to find someone that can do both. Our instructors gain skills through a variety of training—Master Instructor Programs, Instructor Development Programs,  earning a Teaching Credential—and various other means. We know how to get the information across to students. We help them use it and retain it through our “real life” training methods.  

Our Many Customers  

We believe customer service isn't just a catch phrase. We live the "PSTC way". That includes attention to detail, on-site Coordinators at class sites, tailored hand-outs and professional, fun education. Though we don't feel comfortable naming all of our customers on the net, we have had clients ranging from Police, Fire, EMS, Hospitals and private industry. We are the sole training provider for emergency communications in a number of Fortune 500 companies. Of the over 350 public safety agencies in California, 310 are our customers and that number climbs each week. Nationwide we serve over 5,000 of America’s 9-1-1 Primary and secondary centers.


Silicon Valley companies and Fortune 500 Customers turn to PSTC when it's time to staff and train their emergency operations centers. We are proud to say that we have now taught in all 50 states! Not many providers can say that. We deliver the training for ​9-1-1 centers and private companies. We provide the knowledge that saves lives daily. FDNY, the nation's largest  Fire Communications center selected PSTC for their In-Service training. Call us anytime for a reference list. It will include OnStar, Language Line, and many APCO and NENA Chapters. We will also give you a list of PSAPS that have hosted our fantastic classes.  

No matter if you are a public or private emergency communications center, PSTC can help you. We train first responders, call takers and dispatchers. If you have a training need, we're there to make sure it's delivered right. We are happy to tailor classes to your needs. 

How Can We Help You?

Call PSTC today at 1-800-348-8911 and see how we can help make your staff knowledgeable, professional, and proficient.

What They Say

"Not your 'typical' humdrum dispatch classs. Covered a lot of topics not covered in 'typical' courses"

- Melissa, WMU PD

"[It's] refreshing having a dispatcher teach a class of dispatchers instead of a cop pretending to know what we do."

- Russ, Stanislaus Regional 9-1-1 Center

"Instructors were top notch. I have learned so very much and I feel my weaknesses have gotten a splendid education and have made me stronger and wiser!"

- Keri, Cook County Sheriff's Department 

"Thanks for your time and attention! You definitely kept my attention and were receptive to input from the class. Good credibility built with the examples used. Some of the best classes in the industry!"

- Rebecca, Spokane County 911, Washington 

PSTC Classes are Continuing Education

We are proud to be recognized by the IAED

Since July 8, 2003, almost all PSTC courses count, hour-for-hour, as credit for IAED Academy Continuing Dispatch Education (CDE) credit! This not only includes EMD (Medical) courses, but EFD (Fire) and/or EPD (Police) courses as well! 

To find out more information on IAED Credit for PSTC courses, call PSTC Instructional Coordinator Kevin Willett at (800) 348-8911 x102 or e-mail


Become an Instructor

Want to become a PSTC Instructor? Download our Instructor Information and Application packet below. 

If you have any questions, contact PSTC Instructional Coordinator Kevin Willett at 1-(800) 348-8911 x102 or e-mail

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